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3 Day GD&T Seminar

June 6th, 7th, 8th (8:30am - 4:30pm)

Northwest Machine

20851 Commerce Blvd
Rogers, MN 55374

$1,150 (includes lunches, textbooks and new GD&T wall chart!)


“Jordan Pepin is a great instructor and I wold highly encourage anyone to take his GD&T training course”

This comprehensive course provides fundamental and advanced GD&T education based on the ASME Y14.5-2018 standard.  Whether you're in design, manufacturing or quality, this course will provide essential knowledge that is critical for properly communicating "functional intent" through the use of engineering drawings.  This training is applicable to those who are new to GD&T or who have been using it for years. 

The course is led by a skilled instructor in the form of lecture alongside graphical illustrations and physical model sets to help convey concepts in a clear manner.  There are also student exercises to help the concepts sink in. Students will be able to engage with the instructor during/before/after the class.  Each student will receive a 375-page full-color graphical textbook (GeoTol Pro©) for use during the course and for reference in the future.

Some of the concepts covered in this course –

    - Fundamental Rules and Definitions
    - Features of Size Specifications
    - Overview of the Feature Control Frame
    - Datum Selection
    - Datum Reference Frames & Degrees of Freedom
    - Advanced Datum Concepts (Compound, RMB, MMB)
    - Form and Orientation Tolerances
    - Positional Tolerancing & Virtual Condition Boundaries
    - Profile Tolerancing
    - Composite Position and Profile Tolerancing
    - Understanding Simultaneity

    - Introduction to Model-Based Definition

Course is taught by a certified GD&T Professional with 20 years’ experience in interpreting and applying GD&T in various industries/applications including agricultural, med-tech and aerospace.  

Students should come with basic print reading skills.  But, even those with a strong background in GD&T will inevitably grow in their comprehension and application of GD&T by taking this course.

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