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Learning GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing) is often compared to learning another language.  Though not as difficult as learning another language, the comparison is helpful.  For GD&T to be implemented successfully, it’s critical that everyone involved understands the language.  It’s most obvious that designers need to have a good understanding of GD&T.  However, if those involved in manufacturing or quality don’t also properly understand the language, the implementation will likely fail.  The more that everyone involved understands the language of GD&T, the more successful (profitable) the implementation will be. 

GD&T is a powerful and necessary tool to bring a simple or complex part from imagination to a physical part.  GD&T provides the tools for a designer to make a clear roadmap for a part to be manufactured and inspected.  Properly (optimally) applying GD&T to a print can help to ensure that the result is a part that functions according to the designer’s intent.  For this to be successful, all parties involved must understand the language of GD&T (read here for more on that).

To this end, Applied GD&T provides both consulting as well as in-depth training to help you and your company move forward with a successful implementation of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. 


Applied GD&T - Onsite Training Courses

Print Reading/Intro to GD&T  

  • This course is foundational for anyone that needs to read or create dimensional drawings.  This course covers general drawing practices per the Y14.100 standard as well as general dimensioning practices and an overview of GD&T.  Below are some of the topics covered…

    • Y14.100 Overview

    • Orthographic/Section/Auxiliary Views

    • Manufacturing Terms/Specifications

    • General dimensioning and tolerancing practices

    • Overview of 14 geometric tolerances

    • Feature Control Frames

    • Datums and Datum Reference Frames

    • Surface Finish and Thread Specifications

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

  • This course is a comprehensive overview of the ASME Y14.5-2018 GD&T standard.  If you are looking to really understand GD&T, to confidently interpret or apply GD&T, this course is essential.  In most cases this course will be adapted to the applicability of the various content of the GD&T standard.  Topics covered are...

    • Features of Size

    • Virtual Condition/Actual Mating Envelopes/Related AME/etc

    • Feature Control Frames

    • Position (MMC, LMC, patterns, etc)

    • Datums and Degrees of Freedom

    • Form Controls

    • Profile Tolerancing

    • Composite Position and Profile callouts

    • An overview of MBD (Model-Based Definition)

    • Overview of the new ASME Y14.5 2018 revision

    • And much more!


For more information on GD&T training or consulting, just contact us below.

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