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Basic Print Reading Course

Wednesday, May 24th (8:30am - 4:30pm)

Northwest Machine

20851 Commerce Blvd
Rogers, MN 55374

$395 (includes textbook and lunch)

Have you ever reviewed a print and had to “guess” how to interpret something? Engineering drawings (aka “prints”) are critical documents used to communicate between design, manufacturing and quality.  Not being able to properly read a drawing can easily lead to costly consequences.  This 1 day introductory course provides foundational education for creating and interpreting engineering drawings.  These skills are essential for anyone involved in design, manufacturing or inspection.  

The course is led by a skilled instructor in the form of lecture alongside graphical illustrations and physical model sets to help convey concepts in a clear manner. There are also student exercises to help the concepts sink in.  Students will be able to engage with the instructor throughout the class.  Each student will receive a detailed textbook for use during the course and for a useful reference in the future.


Some of the concepts covered in this course –

    - Structure of the Engineering Drawing
    - Title Blocks
    - General & Local Notes
    - Line Conventions
    - Orthographic projection (1st and 3rd Angle)
    - Sectional Views

    - Auxiliary Views    

    - Dimensioning

    - Direct Tolerancing

    - Surface Texture

    - Weld Symbology

    - Intro to Geometric Tolerancing

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