Basic Print Reading Course (In Person!)

September 12th (8:30am - 4:30pm)

Northwest Machine

20851 Commerce Blvd
Rogers, MN 55374

$375 (includes textbook and lunch)

Have you ever reviewed a print and had to “guess” how to interpret something? Engineering drawings (aka “prints”) are critical documents used to communicate between design, manufacturing and quality.  Not being able to properly read a drawing can easily lead to costly consequences.  This 1 day course provides education for creating and interpreting engineering drawings.  These skills are essential for anyone involved in design, manufacturing or inspection.  If you need to work with engineering drawings, this course is for you!

The course is led by a skilled instructor in the form of lecture alongside graphical illustrations and physical model sets to help convey concepts in a clear manner. There are also student exercises to help the concepts sink in.  Students will be able to engage with the instructor throughout the class.  Each student will receive a detailed textbook for use during the course and for a useful reference in the future.


Some of the concepts covered in this course –

    - Structure of the Engineering Drawing
    - Title Blocks
    - General & Local Notes
    - Line Conventions
    - Orthographic projection (1st and 3rd Angle)
    - Sectional Views

    - Auxiliary Views    

    - Dimensioning

    - Direct Tolerancing

    - Surface Texture

    - Weld Symbology

    - Intro to Geometric Tolerancing